For the past years, there has been a shortage of teachers across the US. But now the situation has become alarming. Teachers are always coming and going. Here are the main reasons why this is happening.

Lack of job satisfaction


Teachers are not satisfied with their jobs. They are under heavy stress several days a week. One of the reasons is because of the reformed school policies which force teachers to take standardized tests to students. This requires time, and so stress level has increased. Low pay is another reason for dissatisfaction with the job. Compared to other professions, teachers are paid lot less.

Lack of resource in schools

Teachers don’t find enough resources to teach students in the best way possible. Lack of resources in many schools is causing teachers to leave the job. The classes are cramped, and there is a number of students per class. It is hampering their teaching method, and they are not happy with the job.

Long working hours


Teachers have to work on average 48.2 hours every week. It is causing them mental stress, and they are leading an unhealthy life. Teachers have to spend four days in average on continuing professional development (CPD) courses which include seminars, observational visits, etc. These are creating an extra burden on the teachers. That’s why teachers leave.

Some teachers are also not happy with the way teachers are being evaluated. These conditions must be changed to attract more teachers to the job. Otherwise, there will always be a shortage of teachers.

3 reasons why there are teacher shortages in the US